Vizario H264RTSP Player for Unity3D

This package provides a H264/AAC player in Unity3D receiving data over RTSP.

To repeat what is the main purpose of this package:

Vizario H264RTSP Player is a lightweight library to enable live RTSP streaming of H264 and AAC bitstreams to iOS or Android devices (respectively standalone apps or Editor Win64 and OSX) from a local PC or remote server. The library allows you to register as an RTSP client to a server and play back the video content within a texture, respectively audio over the native audio device.

The library is developed towards playback of live data and is essentially the playback-counterpart of the video casting asset:

The main purpose of this asset is to enable simple streaming of H264/AAC live streams from an RTSP server to a client, decoding und playing back as efficiently as possible. It was **NOT** designed to do perfect audio/video synchronization, **NOR** to become a generic player framework like LibVLC.

However, the libraries use the native audio devices for audio output (if desired). In other words, the AAC decoder is indeed a full player without the need to mess with device audio setups.

Quick FAQ:

  • Q: Does it do RTMP?
  • A: No and will likely not do so any time soon.
  • Q: Does it work within VR setups?
  • A: Yes, it was tested to work within Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest Pro.
  • Q: Does it work with H265/AC3?
  • A: H265 is in the making (will be included in v1.2). It does not work (and will not work any time soon) with AC3.
  • Q: My H264/H265 streams stutter and seem to go forth and back on a per frame basis.
  • A: You need to provide a stream without B-frames. The decoder cannot deal with B-frames right now.
  • Q: Is there a test package available before I buy it?
  • A: No, but if you send me a nice email with some info about your use case, I can probably make something work.
  • Q: Can I stream from VLC to RTSPPlayer directly?
  • A: It is indeed possible, but it currently only works from the command line (see the PDF in the package for the exact call details). Unfortunately I was not able to get it to work configuring the GUI.

See the current documentation PDF for more information.

Advanced FAQ:

  • Q: How does it compare to VLC?
  • A: It was never designed to do anything like VLC. If you need a full media player, you are better off with an other package
  • Q: Can I stream multiple streams?
  • A: Yes, but probably it is not working in the version you have. See this video for a working example:
  • Q; How does the sprite rendering work?
  • A: See this video for an example:
  • Q: A feature I need is not working or implemented. What should I do?
  • A: Send me an email! I don’t update the package every time I make bug-fixes or implement new stuff.